Founded: July 2015

Helping Homeless & Addicted Veterans Back Into Civilian Life

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Michael served in the US Army from 1985-1992 as an Infantryman. He deployed to Iraq during the first Gulf War in August 1990-April 1991. After his discharge in 1992, he returned home to Boston, MA where he found himself homeless shortly thereafter.  He started drinking and drugging and [occasionally] held employment although nothing was like the military itself.  He was arrested several times for breaking and entering, taunting police officers, and drug possession.  In 2007, a VA doctor slammed him up against a wall and told him he was going to do a program, it was his umpteenth time in detox.  From the Brockton VA, he went to Victory Farm where he started to turn his life around.  After leaving Victory Farm, in 2010, he met his [now] wife on the flight deck at the Northampton VA.  In 2011 he started a Facebook page geared towards veterans and in 2014 started his own business selling veteran gear. Early in 2015, he decided that he enjoyed helping veterans and began thinking about starting a farm of his own with his wife.  At the end of the same year, they settled on a property in Gilsum, NH where the DV Farm is located.