Founded: July 2015

Helping Homeless & Addicted Veterans Back Into Civilian Life


Steve Pintarich


Steve Pintarich of Kale Tonic Post 72 American Legion Southington Connecticut laptops for troops program. Laptops donated by DXC Computer Science Corp of South Windsor, Connecticut


DV Rapewhistle


This is DV rapewhistle he's donated so much in the past but he came by this week and donated another thousand dollars and 500 gift cards for the vets of the farm.


Rutgers University/DV Farm

March 2018

It isn't always physical and money donations that help out at the DV Farm.

Rutgers Alternative Breaks program offered some of their students a week here at the DV Farm during their spring break to learn more about Veterans and the issues they face like homelessness, the VA, PTSD and so much more. We in turn learned alot from them too and had a great time hosting them. "They are great kids and i hope to see them again next year. DV6"

The Newtown Equestrian Center donated what you see in the pictures. We thank you for your donation of the horse supplies, blankets, saddles, etc. pictured below. These items will be much needed next year once we have our barn built and horses on the farm. Again, thank you to everyone at Newtown Equestrian Center. A very special thanks to Mike and Michelle Gara.

October 2017

Donated By: Newtown Equestrian Center

Thank You!!

We get a lot of organizations as well as individuals that donate items greatly needed. Below are just a few of the most recent (and some past) of those items and their time donated.

Please check back as we're always receiving donations from people and this is where you can see them! We thank each and every person that has donated anything. From one cent to something physical that helps keep our mission going for our Veterans. You can also follow us on Facebook and see those that we can't fit into this page!

Vietnam Vet - Gerry Anderson

Sometimes, it's the little things that helps a person cope and deal with their struggles.
Vietnam Vet Gerry Anderson drove up with a carload of models and books for our vets here at the farm. We will put these to good use and be able to help out some of our vets at the VA.


July 2017

NJ Concealment Furniture

November 2018

Thank you to DV Rapewhistle and those at NJ Concealment Furniture for the awesome and amazing sign you made for the DV Farm!!​​​​​​​

Please check out their amazing work and what they can do for you and your company at​​​​​​​

Jimmy's Old Town Tavern

May 2019

Thank You Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, Va. and American Legion Post 4 in Keene NH for their Donations to DV Farm for Homeless Vets.

Chris Murphy/Nan King Restaurant

January 2018

Thank You Chris Murphy and all his friends & family for making Sundays event at the Nan King Restaurant a HUGE success!
Giving Back - A Fundraiser For The DV Farm raised close to $2500 dollars for DVFarm