Founded: July 2015

Helping Homeless & Addicted Veterans Back Into Civilian Life


DV Farm is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by former homeless Veteran, Michael Rivers. Operated by Vets for Vets, the DV Farm provides practical rehab for homeless and addicted Veterans via a combined program of housing, animal assisted therapy, a structured work schedule and the camaraderie of fellow Vets working together to reintegrate back into civilian life.


At the DV Farm, we provide housing to every Veteran that is in the program on location. You will have a room [usually with another Veteran] in the "Veteran House." The house is completely furnished and has a full kitchen and bathroom. We also have internet and television. While this is wonderful, you will be expected to have a clean living environment and work with your fellow roommates for chores.

Animal Assisted Therapy

From goats to chickens to ducks and horses, the DV Farm has animals galore! Thanks to DV Recoil [Dysfunctional Veterans Mod] we also have a dog named Tank for the "Veteran House" that you will be able to have the pleasure of getting to know. Along with being able to "talk" with the animals, you will be required to feed and take care of the animal upkeep IE: Clean stalls, shovel manure, etc. Some of these may require labor of you as well.

Structured Work Schedule

Although there is a misconception about the DV Farm being a WORKING FARM, we do have some days you will be required, and expected, to do some labor intensive work. This can include anything as small and up to weed-eating, mowing, digging [ditches, post holes, etc.], moving wood, and any number of other things to help make the DV Farm a better place for youself, the Veteran, and those after you as well as the living conditions for the animals.


Just like every other place you will and have visited, here at the DV Farm -- you're expected to get along with your fellow brothers. Whether you're younger or older, Air Force or Marines, you should not have any quarrels with anyone at the DV Farm. If a problem arises, be an adult and talk or walk away. You're here to learn to take responsibility and to handle things like a grown-up should.